Gospel Meeting 2014

Once again, Larry provides an uplifting series of lessons that enriches our soul to be the kind of Christian that God expects His children to become. Larry kicked off the first evening with discussing traveling down life’s paths followed by having us consider why we try to change God’s commandments. On Sunday morning he discusses that while we are traveling down a path we need to pay attention to things that are affecting us on that path. Closing out the Gospel Meeting, he discusses that in order for us to succeed we should not forget the old ways of using things we have proven that works. Below is a short summary of each of these lessons. You can find them audio lessons on our Sermons page by search on Gospel Meeting in the

Friday evening, August 8th – Traveling Down Life’s Paths

As we live and breath we must choose to travel a path in how we will live our lives. As we travel this path we must keep our eyes open so we can see things happening about us. Man tries to direct his own paths. Man seems to think that if we can make some thinks acceptable in society, surely, God will accept them. He reminds us of Luke 10 regarding the path the Samaritan chooses to travel which left him beaten and robbed. As we continue to travel our paths we must remember that God is always present and relevant at all times. He is the God of this day, every day and moment. On our journey we must bear in mind that we need to be thankful to those Samaritans who are in our lives. Until we make it home, heaven, we need to make the best of the lives we live because we may influence others to love God and want His salvation. People often question why it gets harder to walk the path after we give our lives to Christ. Larry thinks that it is because the devil has to work harder because he doesn’t want to lose us. We need to walk the path that leads to life. We need to be careful of the path we choose to walk.

Saturday evening, August 9th – Changing the Commands of God

Larry starts out by saying that every part of our lives we let God touch, we are blessed, and we can live an abundant life. What God touches makes us better. People generally feel that if God commands us to do something we want, then we will obey those things. He states that if we do what God tells us to do it can do nothing but make us better. Larry helps us recall of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount in reference to loving those who love us. Anyone can do that. We are asked to be a special people because we’ve been blessed by God. Larry takes us to 11 Kings 5 where the scriptures speak to the story of obedience and the result of the curing Naaman’s Leprosy. He then reminds us of Abram in Genesis and Hebrews. He tells us that we know that we have matured as Christians when we start wanting the same things God wants for us to have for our lives. He adds that most Christians don’t have a problem with faith; we just have a problem with trust. Larry reminds us again, the more we do what God tells us to do, the blessed we are. Let’s have the attitude that we will do our best to do what God has commanded us to do because His will, will be obeyed.

Sunday morning, August 10th – Paying Attention

He began by emphasizing what we’ve been discussion during this meeting of traveling down paths. He refers us to what Solomon wrote in Proverbs 21:5 regarding our thinking process while we are traveling these paths. We need to pay attention to things involved in our lives. John Maxwell defines 11 things we need to think on regarding success. He uses these statements of having “the right thought, the right people, the right time and the right environment that will produce the right results. Larry refers to Philippians 4:8 about things we need to think about. He indicates we need to have the right people around us who have the heart of Christ. If we have the wrong individuals around us enough, then a bad thought process will affect us. Ephesians four speaks about the church being joined together so it’s edified by love. Larry speaks to the six things God hates and the seventh is an abomination. We need to liver every day to be ready if the Lord calls. Matthew 6:33 tells us to seek first the kingdom of God. We must be ready to give a reason for the hope that is within us,1 Peter 3:15. Larry closes with a reading from Ephesians 4:14-21.

Sunday evening, August 10th – Using Proven Things

Larry begins by thanking everyone for the time that we have to come together to study during this meeting. He tells us that we need to be carefully when we are exploring and trying new things. He speaks to the story of David and Goliath in 1 Samuel 16. He says that we must only trust our spiritually to the Lord. The world seems to take the wide path that leads to destruction and it makes it hard to trust. David kept the things in his hands that he had proven. The army of the Israelites forgot who they were and became afraid. Maybe it’s time we refuse to be scared as Christians. In order to get us back on the right path we need to rely of the Word of God. We must never forget that the giants in our lives may be big to us, but they are not for the Lord. Do we really understand what Paul wrote regarding that “we can do all things through Christ that strengeths us?” Philippians 4:13. We need to pray and stand up and proclaim the gospel, Romans 1:16.