Gospel Meeting 2013

Gospel Meeting 2013 Image

This is the third consecutive year that Larry has come to Youngsport for our Gospel Meeting.

 He begins Friday evening of our meeting with the idea of “Seeing from where we sit”.  On Friday evening, our speaker focused on Ephesians 5:15-16.  He had these major points:

  • Be aware of those things around us
  • Look where we are going
  • Understand we have an influence on someone whether right or wrong
  • We decide the direction of our life by what we see
  • We don’t have a problem with believing God, but trusting God
  • We need to sit down long enough and see ourselves as Christ and God sees us

Saturday evening we explored what Paul was speaking to the church at Corinth when he says that we need to “Walk by Faith, not by Sight – II Corinthians 5:7”.

  • Larry illustrated that we know we are headed in the right direction when we begin to want the same things for our lives as God does.
  •  We need to understand how we are going to teach our children to hold fast to morality and to God’s principles in a world that doesn’t see life the same way.
  • We have to be aware that if God is for us, who can be against us.  But we have to focus on the positive things by seeing what we could, should and ought to do in our walk by faith.
  • He tells a story about a caption that says “If love could have saved you, you would live forever”.  We are saved by God’s love and mercy through the blood of Christ and therefore, because of that sacrifice we can live forever.
  • Most people become a Christian based upon the influence they see in a Christian’s life.  So we have to show them that we are truly walking by faith and not by sight.
  • We need to see our opportunities through the eyes of faith and not by sight.  Thus, we have to stop caring what the world is seeing and walk by faith.
  • We must learn to trust God with things that we have proven as David did when he battled Goliath.
  • Our world has put the wrong people up as heroes.  We have to concentrate on teaching Christ as our hero even with all the evil in this world, and not to fear what man can do to us, for we walk by faith.

During our Sunday morning services, we looked at ” What are the Chances”.  Larry began by indicating that what we believe about a subject is based on the possibilities of something either happening or not.  Going to Romans 5 beginning in verse 5, he surmises, what are the chances of a good man dying for someone.  The chances are pretty small but even though we are sinners Christ died for us.

  • He goes on to express that we live our lives based on what might or might not happen.  Paul tells the church at Rome that no one can do for us what Christ did.
  • As we grown in our Christianity, we begin to realize that making sacrifices for others makes us more comfortable with doing for others.
  • Larry asks if we could give our life for someone we love and care about?  What are the chances we would lay down our lives for them?  Jesus did that for us.
  • In Luke 15, Larry reminds us of the story of the loss sheep.   What are the chances that if you were a lost sheep you would you be found?  It depends on who is looking for you.  Jesus is searching for His lost sheep and the chances are good He will find those who want to be found.
  • Larry then directs our minds to Noah. What are the chances today that God would find people with the faithfulness of Noah in our world today?
  • Following that argument with Matthew 14 referring to Peter walking on water,  what were the chances that he could walk on water?  Peter believed that he could with his eye on Christ but when he began to think about what he was doing he sank into the deep.  When Peter cried for Jesus to save him, what where the chances that Jesus would reach down and pull him to safety?  The chances that Jesus will save us is 100%.
  • Directing our minds to II Peter, we need to make our calling sure.  If the chances were not that we could, why did Peter say that we could?  God tells us this is possible based on our obedience to His will.  If we have fellowship with God then the chances are 100% that our sins will be blotted out through the blood of Christ.
  • Finally, he tells us we have hope that God will forgive our sins if we continue in his fellowship.  We have 100% assurance He will do what He promises.  There is 0% chance that He will not!  This is not a game of chances but absolutes!

Closing out our meeting on Sunday evening Larry considers how do we warp up all we’ve talked about with the ideas we shared and the knowledge of the scriptures we explored.  How do we see ourselves and our relationship with God?  So then, what’s next?  Were do we go from here?  Larry says he sees Christianity in four major categories.

  • Commandments – His loving word and plan of redemption through our obedience we imitate Christ.  It’s a big part of what we do as we learn more of Him.
  • Opportunities – The church and the gospel are posed for great opportunities.  Ever opportunity we have we must tell the devil he will not take our children.  Resist him and he flees.  Be strong in our faith.
  • Challenges – Identify our needs and those of others.
  • Duty – Duty is done out of love.  We need to be concerned that society is trying to removed God.  We must love what we do in being a Christian so that it doesn’t become vain.

Larry asks what do we have to give to make all this come together?  We have a misunderstanding of what sacrifice means.  A candle does not diminished when it lights another.  Our service to God does not diminish but helps another.

Larry then uses the story of the Sower in Matthew 13 to illustrate what we should be doing in spreading the gospel since we should be refreshed and renewed from this meeting.

  • The Bible talks about the few as the gate is narrow that leads to life and broad is the gate that leads to destruction.  What are the odds that we will convert the world?  We need to concentrated on those when can affect.  So what do we do?
  • We must have an influence on those that we can, our families, friends, neighbors, people we work with.  They must see what influence Christ has made on us.
  • We need to get excited if we are going to share God’s word.  He speaks to the excitement a farmer has in planting his crop and what will grow.  Larry says he is confident that the sower went forth to sow with hope and expectation.  We must sow the word with that same hope and expectation.
  • As Christians, we need to be re-amazed with God’s love, grace and all He has placed on the earth.  We need to sow with the gratitude and forgiveness that we have received from Him.  We need to nurture ourselves with the fruit of the spirit and share that fruit with those around us.
  • We must think about the worth God sees in us.  We need to look at those about us with that kind of worth that God sees in us, and what we can do to reach them.  If God thinks we’re worth saving, shouldn’t we what to reveal this same gift to others?  We need to remember the price of that worth that the Lord saw in us in that Christ died for us.
  • Finally, we need to save as much seed back as we can as a sower would in order to sow in the upcoming year.  We must prove to ourselves its worth sowing so that we can sow in the hearts and minds of others.  We must harvest as much of the blessing God has given to us to sow it to others.  Once sowed, we need to expect and watch for the sprouting and growth of that seed.

We must trust God will give the increase if we are mindful of the four categories we’ve talked about at the beginning of the lesson.  He says people are looking for answers.  They need to see in God’s people the things we have looked at over this meeting.  Is it worth sowing and placing this word in the hearts and minds of others?  We need to be mindful of the obedience God expects in us and appreciate the things God has blest us with.

To hear these messages, go to our sermon pages and sort on Gospel Meetings in the series section.  We hope you will be encouraged as we were from the lessons that Larry presented.  Please come and visit the Lord’s Church that meets in Youngsport.  Our next Gospel Meeting is held annually on the first weekend of August.  Please make plans to be present.   If we can be of assistance in your spiritual needs, please contact us.