About Us

We want you to know about this congregation of God’s family, and what we are trying  to do in our worship services and program of good works.  The Church of Christ at Youngsport really desires to be of service to all people in our area and around the world.   We have no creed but the Bible.  Our plea is to restore the church of the New Testament, in worship, doctrine and in organization.  It is our aspiration to do things in the Bible way and call things by Bible names.  We want to be your friend and help you in any way we can.  We take this opportunity of placing ourselves and the entire church at your disposal. If any of us can serve you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Points of Contact

Bulletin Updates:
Bryan and Melinda Hodge

Church Secretary:
Richard Frith

Church Treasurer:
T.E. Beck

Bryan Hodge

Facebook and Internet:
Melinda Hodge

Mark Knox

Maintenance Issues:
T.E. Beck

Corbett Lawler

Song Leaders:
Woody Ray
Benton Goodnight
Steve Dykes